• Conducting of tax accounting
  • Conducting of financial analysis

On issue related to public authorities:

  • Accompany of tax controls and help to solution of disputes;
  • Rendering of electronic tax services;
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports and their submission to Tax, State Social Defense Fund, State Employment Service and State Statistics Committee;
  • Preparation of balance, annual reports on profit and loss;

On accounting:

  • Control over existence of primary accounting and tax documents, over their correct officialization and confirmity to the requirements of legislation;
  • Making of primary accounting and tax documents, as well as making of purchase and sale registers;
  • Submission and use of invoices;
  • Calculation of taxes and other compulsory payments, preparation of payment task for payment;
  • Analytical and synthetic registration of all or separate parts of accounting;
  • Making of accounting and tax accounting registers;
  • Officialization of bank and cash operations, personnel documents;
  • Preparation of exemplary contracts for officialization of relations with clients;
  • Conduction of inventarization of the main means;
  • Analysis of debtor and creditor debt;
  • Creation of all forms of accounting and tax reports.